Courthouse JMSBetter Jury Management

Rich Feature Set

No More Modules

Navigating other jury systems often means opening several different modules. With Courthouse JMS all navigation is at your fingertips in one consistent interface.

Outlook-style calendar view.
QuickSearch for easy lookup and processing of juror records.

QuickScan for quick and easy bar code reader functions.
Use Google Maps to calculate juror mileage.
Supports 2-step or 1-step processing in the same version
Integrated requests and messaging for IVR and eResponse
Powerful Message Center where you can send emails, texts, or phone calls

And much, much, more...

  • Define online qualification, supplementary or exit questionnaires with our questionnaire template wizard.
  • Extensive history of juror activity maintained throughout a juror’s lifetime.
  • Store images of documents supporting juror requests to be excused, disqualified, deferred or postponed.
  • Automatically generate letters or postcards confirming or denying requests for excuses, disqualifications, deferrals or postponements.
  • Attendance with (or without) bar code readers or wireless mobile devices, like the iPad.
  • Define seating charts with seating chart template wizard.
  • Double entry bookkeeping-style accounting system.
  • Multiple payment rate options including half-day, secondary and tertiary rates, grand jury rates and exclusions for government employees.
  • Print checks, "post payments" to your accounting system, or pay jurors electronically using ePay with Paypal.
  • Wide array of pre-defined statistical reports including yield and usage.
  • Integration with the Center for Jury Studies' "Jury Manager's Toolbox" for easy data transfer and statistical comparison.

Advanced Technology

Built for the Microsoft .Net Framework

Courthouse JMS is developed using the most modern software development tools and techniques.
  • Uses the strengths of multiple different development tools in the same application.
  • Extensive use of JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS makes for a faster and richer user experience.
  • Aligns with the future of PC computing.

N-Tier Web Architecture

Courthouse JMS is designed for today’s computing architecture of choice – the Web.
  • True Web-Browser user interface – no software to install on any workstation.
  • Encapsulating code into tiers means a more robust application that is easier to maintain and provides greater supportability.
  • Architecture that provides the best balance of performance, scalability, fault tolerance and security.

Unsurpassed Design

One Code Line

Superior design allows Courthouse Technologies to maintain a single version of the software for all of our customers, regardless of their unique functional or technical requirements. With one code line there are fewer bugs and a better user experience.

Decoupled Reporting

Courthouse JMS uses an embedded component that “decouples” reports and letters from compiled application code. This means that we can custom assemble a set of reports and letters specifically for you. Future modifications to reports and letters can be done by you, a third party vendor or by Courthouse Technologies.

Multiple Locations, One Installation

Courthouse JMS is designed to support multiple court locations in a single installation. Perfect for U.S. District Courts or state courts with multiple court locations, or entire states or provinces. Host the application locally or with Courthouse Technologies. Recover your investment by acting as host to other courts in your area.

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