JMS: Built for everyone, custom configured for you.

Not only is Courthouse JMS adaptable to your court's jury practices, it is easily configured "out of the box" to meet those practices. By changing a few settings, you can configure Courthouse JMS to use 1 or 2 steps for questionnaire/summons production, use "pooling" for panel selection, print checks or electronically post payments, and much more. Unlike competing jury systems, Courthouse JMS's "pedigree" comes from years of analyzing jury management practices in courts around the globe - not just those of a particular court, county or state.

Advanced Technology

  • Built with the strengths of the Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • True Web-based interface. Nothing to install on any workstation. Use IE or Firefox.
  • N-tier Web architecture means a more robust application that is easier to maintain.

Unsurpassed Design

One Code Line. Superior design allows us to maintain a single version of the software for all of our customers, regardless of their unique functional or technical requirements.

"Decoupled" Reporting. Reports and letters are "decoupled" from compiled application code so that we can custom assemble a set of reports and letters specifically for you and you can make future modifications to those reports and letters.

Multiple Locations, One Installation. Courthouse JMS is designed to support multiple court locations in a single installation. Perfect for State or District-wide implementations.

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SummonsDirect: Eliminate Undeliverables

With the SummonsDirect service, just use JMS to periodically randomly create your pools. That's it. Your qualification questionnaires and/or summonses are automatically printed and mailed at postage that's far cheaper than your court can obtain. A few days later juror responses start coming in.

Magic? Kind of.

Eliminate more than 90% of your undeliverables

With SummonsDirect your jury pool data is automatically run against the USPS's National Change of Address Registry (NCOA) in real time. SummonsDirect analyzes the NCOA return codes for juror eligibility. Then, we produce and mail for you only questionnaires or summons documents for jury-eligible citizens with known, and deliverable addresses.

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IDS: Data Capture with Pinpoint Accuracy

Courthouse IDS is the most effective way to collect the information from juror qualification questionnaires and summonses returned by mail. With Courthouse IDS, you can create a questionnaire inside the JMS that mirrors your mailed questionnaire and/or summons. You set up questions to have properties that will automatically disqualify or excuse a juror based on his or her answers on the summons or questionnaire. By using a desktop imaging scanner, you can determine whether or not an image scanned will be used for a courtroom package used during voir dire and subsequently print as part of your courtroom package when needed.

Courthouse JMS uses integrated logic to compute the data collected via Courthouse IDS into meaningful results in determining the qualifications of a prospective juror. Lastly, you can view images inside the JMS, including incorrectly filled out questions and make a determination of how to proceed. For example, based on the response, the system can identify which records are qualified, which are not, and why, and can automatically update the Courthouse JMS database.

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eResponse: Your Virtual Jury Office 24 X 7

Courthouse eResponse is our Web-based self-service application for jurors. You can define and publish juror qualification questionnaires, supplemental

You define the questions to mirror your qualification questionnaire.
questionnaires to be used in voir dire, or even juror exit questionnaires.

Jurors can use eResponse to:
  • View general information about jury duty and the court they are required to report to and update personal info.
  • View their current status (direct from the JMS), the requests they have pending, and the disposition of requests.
  • Make requests to be excused, disqualified, deferred, or postponed and leave detailed messages regarding their requests.
  • Schedule a reminder email or a reminder call (if you also use Courthouse IVR), a kind of "wake up call" for jury duty.
  • Choose to be notified of the disposition of their request by email or telephone (if you also use Courthouse IVR).
  • Use Google Maps to get directions from their residence to the court with a click of a button.
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IVR: Streamline with Interactive Voice Response

Convenient, public facing, self service telephone functions for jurors who prefer the phone to the Web. Make automated, mass outbound calls. Because Courthouse IVR uses text-to-speech technology, you define the message greetings the way you need.

Jurors can use IVR to:

  • Call 24/7 and listen to general information about jury duty and the court they are required to report to.
  • Prospective jurors can hear their current status (direct from the JMS), the requests they have pending, and the disposition of requests.
  • Update their personal information - work and home telephone numbers, date of birth, and more.
  • Make requests to be excused, disqualified, deferred, or postponed and leave detailed messages regarding their requests.
  • Schedule a reminder call, a kind of "wake-up call" for jury duty.
  • Choose to be notified of the disposition of their request by telephone.
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Kiosk: Self-Service Jury Management

Tired of seeing long lines of jurors to attend? Wish you there was a way to make this easier on you? Well, Courthouse Kiosk gives you the tools you need to make your jury operation more streamlined and gives jurors an easy, alternative way to check-in and attend themselves.

A Self-Service jury option to speed up your service!

The kiosk is completely integrated with Courthouse JMS. All of the settings, configuration and setup is right at your fingertips. See the movie!

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ePay with PayPal: Save Big with Electronic Payments

Would it surprise you to learn that for most courts the typical cost of producing each juror check is between $9 and $25? In many cases the cost of producing the check is greater than the face value of the check.

Epay with Paypal is an software-enabled service integrated with Courthouse JMS that uses the Paypal electronic payment platform to produce jurors payments electronically and immediately without the need for a check. All you need is the juror's email address.

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Tablet: Make Your JMS Mobile!

Courthouse Tablet gives court staff the tools they need to make their jury operation completely mobile and gives them an easy, alternative way to check-in and attend jurors. Courthouse Tablet dramatically reduces the need for lineups that slow down your check-in process and provides 1 touch attendance capabilities on a convenient touch-screen interface.

Scan jurors in at ""Check In" or by tapping your finger a few times.

And because Courthouse Tablet is completely integrated with Courthouse JMS, everything you do shows up right inside the JMS when you sit down and log in. There's no cumbersome use of barcode readers, desktop computers, or paper!

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Cloud: Your Own Private Hosting

With Courthouse Cloud, we provide you with off-premises hosting in a Class "A" facility with the underlying infrastructure that can be scaled to any demand. So, regardless if you are a court that sends out half a million summonses a year or 5 summonses a year, you still receive the best quality of resources in maintaining your jury system.

It's fast. It's stable. Most importantly, it's ready for you RIGHT NOW!

One of the best parts about employing Courthouse Cloud is that Courthouse JMS and all other products and services we offer are already installed for you right now. Courthouse Cloud provides immediacy that installed software on your own servers cannot provide.

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SMS: Text Messaging Service

Courthouse SMS is designed for users to send text messages to jurors about anything related about their jury service. As part of Courthouse JMS's communications center, Courthouse SMS integrates seamlessly with Courthouse JMS because all aspects of the administration including automated and manual messages are created and sent from the jury system.

Courthouse SMS offers your prospective jurors an alternative to getting emails, phone calls or "snail" mail. It is quick and efficient, sending your custom message within minutes of creating it. You can send a text to one juror or as many jurors as you like, all at once, thus, saving you time and money.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Courthouse Technologies was able to meet our schedule of implementing Courthouse JMS statewide in 6 months. Courthouse JMS is a critical component of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch's efficient jury operation.
    - Hon. Tina L. Nadeau, New Hampshire Superior Court Chief Justice
  • We implemented the CHT JMS system in June 2013 and have been very happy with the results. From the front end of the process, to the back end, we are seeing reduced costs.
    - Traci Dias, Judicial Administrator - Orleans Parish, LA
  • Using the Courthouse Technologies, Ltd. jury management platform was one of the best things we have ever done in our jury room operation.
    - Carmella Sabaugh, Former Clerk of Courts - Macomb County, MI
  • We have found Courthouse Technologies' Jury Management System intuitive and user friendly. The juror's history is easy to review and processing juror requests for deferral or other transactions is streamlined and effective.
    - Jake Chatters, CEO - Placer County, CA
  • Arlington County has used the CHT system for almost ten years. We routinely receive positive comments from jurors about our jury program, including the on-line JMS features. Support is handled quickly and efficiently.
    - Lynn Pollock, Jury Coordinator - Arlington County Circuit Court, VA
  • CHT has allowed us to consolidate what used to be individual county jury management duties into regional management units. The program fits our needs from our smallest to our largest courts.
    - Sally Holewa, State Court Administrator - Unified Courts of the State of North Dakota
  • For the first time ever, we had a 90% reduction in our undelivered mail! It has taken the hassle away of printing and mailing while saving our court money.
    - Evelyn Bell, Court Administrator - Stevens County, WA
  • 50% of our summonses are answered and returned online. This has reduced the amount of incoming phone calls and returned mail we receive on a daily basis.
    - David Ballmann, Jury Administrator - Montgomery County, OH
  • We switched to CHT in 2015 and have had a great experience. The system is very user‐friendly for the court staff and the ability to send text message and email reminders to jurors has greatly improved our attendance rates.
    - Nicholas Little, Manager - Kent County Circuit Court, MI
  • I used to have no access to the jury system. Since switching over, I can now look at any juror's history record and who from my staff had dealt with him/her without leaving my office.
    - Josie Delvin, Clerk of Courts - Benton County, WA
  • I have not had any issue working with Courthouse Technologies. Any time I need help, they are right there. I never have to wait to get the help I need, when I need it. Their support network is fantastic!
    - John Anderson, IT Dept. - Okaloosa County, FL
  • We are using the kiosks for juror check-in and the process has been very smooth. We are extremely happy with the CHT JMS system and would recommend it to anyone looking to save on costs and streamline their jury processes.
    - Traci Dias, Judicial Administrator - Orleans Parish, LA
  • Over 30% of summonses were completed over the internet in the first month and we expect 50-60% in future. The eResponse product reduced the manual effort required by Sheriffs to receive data and enter and respond to summonses.
    - John Sherrah, President - ITI International Technology Integration (Project Manager for Province of BC)
  • I am pleased to say that Courthouse Technologies has so streamlined the Jury selection and notification processes in Lake County that intervention from the I.T. Department is rarely needed for routine processing. The Courts are truly self-serving.
    - Jim Walsh, Information Technology Director - Lake County, OH
  • eResponse has been our biggest money saver! We have already saved $50k and we are only half way through our fiscal year. I believe we are track to save $70K by cancelling jurors before they get to the court.
    - Paula Giaimo Morales, Jury Bailiff - Tarrant County, TX
  • We streamlined the check-in process and provide jurors the ability to complete their juror questionnaire on-line. Both features have saved our Court staff a great deal of time. We can provide better customer service to our county residents.
    - Gerald C. Montella, ESQ, District Court Administrator - Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, PA
  • Since introducing SMS text and e-mail features, we have been able to reach more citizens with up-to-the-minute information regarding their jury service.
    - Shannon Cash-Russell, Court Manager - Leon County Circuit Court, FL
  • The ease of the Courthouse Technologies JMS has greatly improved our trial process and significantly decreased the time spent processing jury documentation. The support staff is friendly and quickly responds to our questions and requests.
    - Tara Schultz, Jury Supervisor - St. Johns County Circuit Court, FL
  • CHT's JMS offers cutting-edge functionality that meets the needs of multi-generational jurors. The automated features designed by CHT will meet the needs of any court looking to provide a more efficient jury solution.
    - Frank Hardester, Court Administrator - Van Buren County Circuit Court, MI
  • The staff at Courthouse Technologies has proven they have the knowledge, skills and ability to stay on top of jury management in the ever-changing world of court systems.
    - Sarah Keith, Court Administrator - Kittitas County Superior Court, WA