Courthouse SMS - Send Jurors a Text Message

Courthouse SMS is designed for users to send text messages to jurors about anything related about their jury service. As part of Courthouse JMS's communications center, Courthouse SMS integrates seamlessly with Courthouse JMS because all aspects of the administration including automated and manual messages are created and sent from the jury system.

Geocoding vs Google Maps for Jury Mileage

Mileage is the most common of additional juror fees/expenses so it important to understand the methods of calculating the distance each juror travels to show up for service. Here, John from CHT goes into some detail about the differences between the 2 main methods of calculating juror mileage. Geocoding vs. Google Maps integration.

Courthouse SummonsDirect - Summons/Questionnaire Printing, Mailing and Address Verification Service

Courthouse SummonsDirect is the best and most efficient way to send out your court's summonses or questionnaires. It is automated, cost-efficient, and completely integrated with Courthouse JMS. With this service, you will raise your jury yield and utilization and cuts down on costs and undelivered or returned mail!

Courthouse Cloud - Private Hosting for Courthouse JMS

With Courthouse Cloud, we provide you with off-premises hosting in a Class "A" facility with the underlying infrastructure that can be scaled to any demand. So, regardless if you are a court that sends out half a million summonses a year or 5 summonses a year, you still receive the best quality of resources in maintaining your jury system.

Courthouse Refund Program - Get $$$ back for being efficient!

The Courthouse Refund Program has been created to reward our clients for being more efficient! See how you can get a direct return on your investment now...

Courthouse Tablet - Be More Mobile with your JMS!

Courthouse Technologies is proud to introduce another new addition to the CHT Platform - Courthouse Tablet. Now you can have your JMS with you no matter where you are in the Courthouse!

Courthouse IDS - Image. Data. Capture. A System for Saving Time...

Courthouse IDS is our image-data capture system and integrates with seamlessly with Courthouse JMS. With IDS, you are able to scan and image all returned questionnaires or summonses and store them in each juror's record. More importantly, Courthouse IDS helps you determine a juror's qualifications, and perform the data entry for you saving you a lot of time and sore hands!

Courthouse Kiosk

Courthouse Kiosk is the new self-service device for jury management. Jurors can attend themselves, print badges or letters, fill out their questionnaire and even get paid for their service all without the need of court staff!

Increasing Your Jury Yield

Would you like to have a better jury yield? In this movie, John Arntsen gives you some tips on how to achieve better results.

2-Step to 1-Step Saves

The 2-step jury management system is an institution made obsolete by computerized jury management systems, random selection, and merged source lists. John Arntsen discusses how moving to a one-step system improves efficiency and saves money.

The Gem of Your Jury Operation

The jury management system is the centerpiece of the effective jury office. But, modern jury management demands that a whole set of external systems interact with the jury management system. The challenge is getting your JMS to work tightly with these external systems so that efficiencies gained by employing them aren?t offset by bottlenecks they create in your JMS. In this video Scott Kerr, President of Courthouse Technologies discusses the problem and John Arntsen, Product Specialist shows you how Courthouse JMS intelligently brings external components essential in a modern jury management operation together.

Knowing Your "Costs of Production"

When trying to make a business case for new technology in your jury operation, one needs to be able to determine what the "costs of production" are. Here, Scott Kerr, President of Courthouse Technologies, discusses the importance of knowing what all of a court's costs are and what things should be considered when determining the costs of running your jury operation.

Save Big with "Convenience"

Public-facing, self service applications can be undervalued as simply "convenience features" for jurors. Product Specialist, John Arntsen explains that these technologies are actually huge cost savers and contribute significantly to an improved jury operation.

Internet Integration With Your Jury System

John goes into further detail about how complete integration can be achieved between a jury system and an IWR (Interactive Web Response) system.

What Our Customers Say

  • This product made me realize that we can accomplish a lot of data entry while saving time in our jury operation. We have reduced our jury staff by 33%.
    - Scot Cannell, IT Administrator - Washtenaw County, MI
  • CHT has allowed us to consolidate what used to be individual county jury management duties into regional management units. The program fits our needs from our smallest to our largest courts.
    - Sally Holewa, State Court Administrator - Unified Courts of the State of North Dakota
  • For the first time ever, we had a 90% reduction in our undelivered mail! It has taken the hassle away of printing and mailing while saving our court money.
    - Evelyn Bell, Court Administrator - Stevens County, WA
  • 50% of our summonses are answered and returned online. This has reduced the amount of incoming phone calls and returned mail we receive on a daily basis.
    - David Ballmann, Jury Administrator - Montgomery County, OH
  • Courthouse Technologies scanning solution has nearly eliminated the need to manually enter routine information such as phone numbers. Consequently, our failure rate has been significantly reduced compared to the old system.
    - Todd Steiner, CIO - US District Court, Northern District of Indiana
  • I used to have no access to the jury system. Since switching over, I can now look at any juror's history record and who from my staff had dealt with him/her without leaving my office.
    - Josie Delvin, Clerk of Courts - Benton County, WA
  • I have not had any issue working with Courthouse Technologies. Any time I need help, they are right there. I never have to wait to get the help I need, when I need it. Their support network is fantastic!
    - John Anderson, IT Dept. - Okaloosa County, FL
  • Over 30% of summonses were completed over the internet in the first month and we expect 50-60% in future. The eResponse product reduced the manual effort required by Sheriffs to receive data and enter and respond to summonses.
    - John Sherrah, President - ITI International Technology Integration (Project Manager for Province of BC)
  • Using the CHT Jury Platform was one of the best things we have ever done in our jury room operation. Using the CHT jury platform we were able to improve jury service, despite facing budget cuts and shrinking staff.
    - Carmella Sabaugh, Clerk of Courts - Macomb County, MI
  • In the first year, we cut our summons mailing by 45% with help from SummonsDirect, and reduced our juror correspondence, including telephone calls, by 75% with Courthouse eResponse. CHT's customer service is outstanding.
    - Carmella Sabaugh, Clerk of Courts - Macomb County, MI